Our Services

In-Home Support for Medical Abortion

We understand that a medical abortion can sometimes be an isolating experience. Our doulas provide free physical, emotional, and educational support during medication abortion. In home support can be arranged by emailing the Chicago Doula Circle at info@chicagodoulacircle.org.


In-Clinic Support

Continuous physical support before during and after their abortion procedure: Doulas have traditionally worked with laboring people during birth to decrease anxiety, pain perception, and increase comfort. We believe that the benefit of a doula translates to abortions and improves the quality of their experience during their procedures.

Emotional support: We are trained to meet people where they are at. We recognize that some individuals struggle with the emotional decision to seek an abortion and others are comfortable with their decision. We can be present to honor and support patients through the spectrum of emotions that may come with this decision.

Practical support: We may be able arrange to provide childcare  and transportation for individuals that need this additional support in order to attend their appointments.